Stormy Chromer

Ryan King - Bass/Vocals/Clarinet


Ryan King erupted on to the music scene in 1992, when he was born to two classical musicians. From an early age Ryan showed an aptitude for music. He played clarinet, piano, and guitar growing up and wound up with a degree in clarinet performance from the University of Michigan, where he began teaching himself bass guitar. After graduating, he shifted his focus to the bass and Stormy Chromer, while still freelancing and teaching clarinet in southeast Michigan.

Ryan has played with local acts Space Cadet and Los Renaissance Men, as well as performed with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and the River Raisin Ragtime Revue.

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Brendan Collins - Guitar/Vocals


Brendan Collins was born in Farmington Hills, MI, where he received his first set of stitches from running into a piano after a hot bath at the tender age of 3. It was that day that he had an epiphany, that he could play music instead of just recieving injuries from musical instruments. He shortly after gained a hand-me-down Casio keyboard from a yard sale and smashed buttons on it aimlessly to the tunes of Sesame Street. It wasn't long after that he picked up a harmonica, blowing casually, yet annoyingly into it until he eventually graduated to the recorder in 4th grade, the flute in 5th grade, and finally the clarinet in 6th grade, where he finally learned to hone some of that raw talent into reading music. He played clarinet until his sophomore year at Stevenson High School in Livonia, MI, where it broke and he was forced to pick up another instrument, that guitar that had been sitting in the basement since the 80's. He started attending the school's weekly jam clubs and learned his basics quickly by playing songs by some of his favorites; Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Rush, The Beatles and Jethro Tull.

Over the years, he learned a lot, and played in a Beatles tribute band in Ann Arbor, playing lead guitar and lead vocals. He studied music more at Washtenaw Community College, learning jazz, songwriting, audio recording, among other things, and eventually met a great group of fellow musicians, and continued to make music with them for several years after. He gained new influences such as Phish, Umphrey's McGee, Lotus and the Grateful Dead, and learned to love the art of improvisation. After meeting up with some old friends at an Umphrey's McGee show, he met Amin Lanseur, and started seeing him more around town, and eventually just clicked and started making music together. It was through this that he met Ryan King and Spencer Hanson, and Stormy Chromer was founded. Aside from Stormy Chromer, he plays solo gigs, and is a multi-instrumentalist for Ypsilanti-local experimental rock band, Vision Explored.

Amin Lanseur - Drums/Vocals

Amin Lanseur was born on October 16th 1992 in Glendora, California. Only spending about a year of his life there, it wasn't long until he found himself in the midwest. By the time he was 5, after a brief stint living in the suburbs of Cleveland, Amin’s family had moved to Ann Arbor, MI, where he lived until he graduated High School.

It was during this time that his passion for music started to grow. Inspired by his older siblings to study music, Amin began to play the tuba in 6th grade. It is at this time that he met Ryan King, who was a clarinet player in the school band. Later, after spending hours playing the video game “Rock Band”, Amin decided to save up for a drum set. Ryan and Amin embarked on their first musical adventure inspired by their mutual love of progressive and classic rock. Their High school band “Space Cadet” helped lay the foundations of their musical styles.

After moving to Ypsilanti, MI, and spending some time at Eastern Michigan University studying tuba, musical theory, and composition, Amin decided to follow another of his musical interests, jazz. It was through studying Jazz drumming that Amin became more confident and competent as a drummer. It was also in this setting that he first met Spencer Hanson and the two started playing music together. It wasn’t long before Spencer and Amin were getting together outside of the jazz setting with Ryan.

Amin’s passion for various genres of live music as well as improvisation lead him to the conclusion that creating a unique and captivating live experience is what he wanted to focus on. After meeting Brendan Collins at a house party in late 2013, the four got together to form Stormy Chromer. Amin spends his time practicing with the guys and on his own, as well as working on compositions fot the band and other musical projects.

Spencer Hanson - Guitar

Sure does like music!